More Yard Work & Functional

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on November 10, 2003

Sherry woke up this morning and thought that she wasn’t going to be able to move. But after three Aleves we were good to go. So we went to pick up some stuff we had not gotten from Pearl’s yet. She was, of course, cleaning. She had the refrigerator out and was cleaning behind it, since she said cat hair had gotten back there. I took noticed that her driver side rear tire was low so I went and filled it up and got some gas for her lawn mower.

We then went and picked up our full size box spring and mattress from “The Dump”, which is a house warming gift from Nanny and Papaw Bragg (Pearl’s parents).

We then came home and unloaded the mattresses. I started loading up stuff to take to the hurricane debris site down the road and got ride of the carpet we had pulled out and all other trash that we had been waiting to get ride of. I then came back and loaded up another trailer full of more trash from Sherry unloading kitchen stuff and filled up the other half of the trailer with yard debris, and went and dropped that off. While I was doing all of this, Sherry had been (like I mentioned) unloading the kitchen, and making our house a home and much more functional to do the every day things like eating!!!

Sherry is now making some spaghetti and I am blogging away. I will take more pictures soon, and have some so far, but wanted to wait until things were a little better before posting them.

Time to eat!


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