Money, Money, Money

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on November 11, 2003

We are the proud owners of a new Home Depot Credit Card!!! Yeah!!! Oh wait, that means more credit… boooo. But we got 10% off and have no interest / payments for a year… but that just means that we have to pay it off before 12 months or we get slammed with a 21% interest rate… but no worries we have it all planned out.

We saved up and purchased a lot of stuff at once to maximize our 10% discount which amounted to $114. We bought a dishwasher (white), a lawn mower (black), vent covers, new deadbolts and lockable knobs, the two aforementioned rugs, a faucet for the half bath and one for the master bath, and other small items.

We have already replaced all the deadbolts and door knobs for that added sense of security, and Sherry put the vent covers in place. Things are coming along but we don’t think things will be prime time until the floors get done and the then everything can start to find a home in our new home 🙂

I have the day off and plan on getting the rest of the carpet (upstairs) taken care up. Franklin (Sherry’s cousin) might come over and help me since he is off this week.


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