Yard work

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on November 9, 2003

Today, Sherry, Pearl and I did 3 years worth of yard work in one day, all in the back yard. I cannot say think you enough to Pearl for her help, it meant more then I can say in words. Mitch, his wife and kids, also came over to do a helpful bit of raking during the morning session. The yard looks about twice as big, and the bushes are almost manageable. Courtney, Jennifer, and Mandy got here around 5 pm to start the painting and help us finish up the last part of the yard work, which meant hauling the bags to the street for pick up and unloading the bigger stuff out the road for hurricane debris pickup which is still going on.

After that the girls painted the dining room while I went and got the trailer from Mike Hunter (Shelley’s boyfriend). By the time I had returned home, the pizza was there and the dining room was painted. They went to see Shawn and Regina’s house (1 mile away) which is all done (they moved in on Friday) and looks really good. They came home and then did some touch up painting and we called it a night… well I did, Sherry went up and painted the stair walls. Very tired… going to bed.


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