Happy Birthday to Jack

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on February 29, 2004

Jack has been alive now for 1 year. Pretty amazing to watch the development of an infant and how fast it all happens. Jack can say “Ma ma”, Da da”, “uh oh”, and “va vo” which we take to mean Volvo, since that is what Shawn drives.

We got a late start today, but did manage to get the two doors hung last night, and cleaned up the nastiness which was sanding, and fixing a door so that it would properly shut (a little planing and sanding). The major thing that I did get done was to remove the awnings!!! Sherry and I love the house without the awnings but Pearl is still not to happy about it. Good thing it is our house 🙂 I personally thing it makes the house look a little bigger and shows of the dental molding under the roof line. Although it is dirty from the lazy people not painting under the awning the last time the paints (I didn’t think you were suppose to paint aluminum, but whatever.

A large part of Sherry’s family came over to see our progress after Jack’s birthday party so that was fun. Everyone seemed to like it.

I will be getting some pictures up shortly and plan on organizing the existing ones to show before and after better.


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