Weekend update

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on May 16, 2005

On Thursday night we went up the road to check out the Greek Festival. It was pretty cool, great food, fun music and old men dancing. We shall have to plan a more social event next year.

On Friday night we went out with Aimee and Mike Barham for dinner and then a couple of drinks at Scotty Quix were Shawn and Regina meet up with us… Regina’s BFF Cathy was in town also.

On Saturday I got up and played golf with Shawn and Taylor Michael Pope. Yet another person who I will help learn to play golf and who will end up being better then me… I really should play more.

On Sunday I had a soccer game in the morning (see previous post) and then we went to Nanny Tureman’s to help her celebrate her birthday. When we got done with that we went to Red Robin with Shawn, Regina, Jack and Pearl.

Pearl’s last chemo treatment is Tuesday!! So we are going out to celebrate this weekend, since she will be feeling ill for Wed-Thurs, most likely. She is very excited.


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