Pearl Update

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on May 6, 2005

Pearl is almost done with her post-operative Chemo Therapy. She had a CEA test last week and the results came back early this week. When she was initially diagnosed she had 9.8 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) of blood. Normal results for adults should be less then 5 ng/mL if they smoke, and 3 if they don’t (HINT HINT… YOU ARE STUPID IF YOU SMOKE). Levels higher then 10 are bad news.

Pearl’s latest results were 1.8 ng/mL!

As for the rest of her treatment, she is so excited to only have one more chemo treatment left. This version of the therapy, which is different then the drug they used for the pre-operative therapy, has been much tougher on her system and typically causes nausea to the point of throwing up. She has handled it well, and true to her nature has shown very little signs of weakness. She chooses to have some pajama days, but is typically out in her yard tending to the flower beds and grass.

Her white blood count was a little low so she does need a shot to help bring that up. I don’t know the information on that right now, but it can be pretty painful and she is getting it this weekend (happy mother’s day, right!?).

All in all, the doctors and her are very pleased with how things are going.


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