Digital Video Recorder

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on March 2, 2005

Ok… Day 1 of my DVR and I am already loving it. I have set it up to record all the Law and Orders and all of Georgia Tech’s remaining basketball games. I have also set it up to record the shows that I don’t like to watch with Sherry so that she can consume them in the 1-3 hours that she has alone every day prior to my arrival home from work. (I will take this moment to declare my extreme distaste for the Gilmore Girls… why they hell would you want to watch a show about the snobby little girls that everyone hated but secretly wanted to be in college / high school, that have been spoon fed unrealistically quick / witty dialog by some hairy overweight man, sitting behind the current, as the show thrills millions of females… and pretends to not be a soap opera).

Anywho… if you have the means I highly recommend that you acquire one.


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