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Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry I have been so non-present lately. Just been doing holiday stuff and nothing has really struck my fancy as interesting lately… so I’ve just been living. But I have gotten some complaints about depriving some peeps of their once a month entertainment so I figured I would take some time on this Christmas-eve-eve and write down some thoughts.


After Thanksgiving Pearl told us that the doctor had gotten a 2nd opinion and that the second opinion concluded that there was some cancerous cells in the tissue surrounding the removed colon. This scared Pearl, but after talking to the kids and talking to the Chemo doc (Dr. Tan) she is feeling better about it.

Her treatment has always been expected to include post operative chemo in anticipation of some cells still lingering around. So all this information tells us is that some definitely exist and it helps the team of doctors know where to concentrate their treatments. So they have decided to include post-operative radiation in hopes of offering the best offense against her cancer.

She goes in Jan 3rd to have the temporary ostomy bag removed which is a big mental thing for her and will help her feel more “normal” (even though I think she is pretty damn normal already). She is looking really good… she looks healthy and she has started gaining some weight back which is great news.


So my weight loss is great, all of my “health statistics” are doing wonderfully, but given that Beebe3 died at 50 and Lois1 has high Cholesterol my doctor has decided that I should start taking some Crestor. Main side effects are sore muscles and potential liver problems, so I am going back to have my blood work done and have the liver checked out in 2 more weeks.

In case you are curious, here is a snapshot of Ben’s Cholesterol:

Date Weight Cholesterol HDL LDL "LDL/HDL Ratio"
12/23/97 200 223 51 149 2.9
03/14/01 242 220 39 147 3.8
03/25/03 240 227 46 157 3.4
02/02/04 235 221 39 167 4.3
05/17/04 197 216 46 149.6 3.3
11/24/04 192 237 54 165.4 3.1

On the bottom of the blood test reports is the following chart:

1.0 1.5 1/2 Average Risk
3.6 3.2 Average Risk
6.3 5.0 2 Times Average Risk
8.0 6.1 3 Times Average Risk

The February appointment was my baseline to see what was going on prior to starting the Atkins Diet. And it worked, there is no doubting that… my weight loss was significant and my cholesterol levels improved dramatically, the doctor was very pleased, but given family history it is still wise to be on medication.

But since the drug has a potential side effect of liver problems and Atkins has a potential side effect of liver problems I have decided to switch back to the a low fat diet, trying to eat a lot more fruit and vegetables… less meat, keep the bread and refined sugar intake down, and so far so good… I swelled up there for a week, but today I was down to 188 which is right around my low anyways so I am pleased.


So I have two groups of poker players that I play with… one is from work, the other is the boys in the family. I hosted the family poker night last month and had a good time… all in all I broke even (as I think I have every time I have played recently) so I have no problem playing for a few hours and not spending any money… to me that is a win. Hopefully I can get a game or two in during the break. I have 11 days off in a row (staring tomorrow) during the holidays so I am pleased to be able to finish up on the house and just relax.


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