Pearl update

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on October 26, 2004

Most of you ask me this and I should have been doing this more regularly, but to be honest her treatment of chemo and radiation was such a non-event it was a good thing. We did recently find out that her intestines dropped and received some burning from the radiation as a result. This could cause her some problems, but it might also fix itself. Truth be told, we are just in waiting mode right now… her body is healing from the radiation… not something that anyone’s body enjoys going through, but her blood counts and other typical indicators to how well ones body is coping are all positive. She had to have two shots of Procrit (actually another similar drug) to ensure that all her levels were kosher.

She goes into surgery on November 4th, so take 15 – 30 seconds and concentrate on willing her to have “travel mercies” as she passes the mid-way point on her voyage to health. And feel free to amplify your thoughts with a prayer if you are lucky enough to be a believer.

To answer the second most asked question, Sherry is doing alright with it as well. Some days are sadder then others, and it breaks my heart to see her sad. But more days then not, she is the strong woman that her mother raised. It is pretty humbling when your wife has more emotional control then you do, as exampled at our wedding.

Pearl will be occupying the guest bed across the hall from us as she recovers and once the doc gives us the thumbs up we will plan the next few months of our life from there.


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