Feel like a tear jerker?

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on September 15, 2004

So this 7 year old boy loves Georgia Tech football. His name is Carter Martin. Sadly he also has cancer, and it has spread to his brain. Over the last week he has gotten worse and this past weekend he was not doing very well. The rest is the story of his passing and it happens to put some things into perspective, but in general it is just a story worth retelling.

My prayers and thoughts are with the Martin family….

Carter Martin, age 7, has spent the last 2 years fighting cancer. Over the past 3 weeks the cancer reached his brain and his condition grew worse. He was also a huge Georgia Tech fan and loved the football team.

Saturday night he asked his father to do a play by play of the Tech game, as he was unable to see the television from his bed. As the time grew late and Tech was losing in the fourth quarter, his father asked him if he could stop, as it had to be miserable to hear Tech losing and he needed his sleep.

Carter said, “please don’t stop… I know Tech is going to win.”

His father bravely kept doing the play by play and Carter struggled to stay awake. As Tech scored the winning touchdown Carter squeezed his fathers hand tightly. Shortly Carter fell asleep, aglow in the Tech victory.

He died Sunday and will be buried on Wednesday with a Tech football helmet painted on his casket.

You can check out the guestbook if you want to leave his family a message or if you want to see the impact this story has had on others (it is interesting to see the Clemson fans that have so gracefully posts to offer their sympathies).


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