So I am back

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on September 1, 2004

San Francisco was fun… didn’t post from there as often as I had intended to, but work was rather consuming. Plus I tried to go out to eat at as many fancy restaurants as I could… here is a list of some of them (at least the ones with reviews or websites):

Boulevard – super expensive, but very good… the service was efficient and doing my favorite dining alone trick (eating at the chef’s bar and watching the production that is the kitchen) I was very impressed with how the restaurant was run.

Neptune’s Palace – this was my tourist day restaurant. With a great view of the bay, and a window open to hear the sea lions and feel the chilling San Francisco “summer” air roll in as night fell was yet another romantic dinner that I got to share with another nameless waiter. Food was ok, signs stated that it was rated best seafood restaurant 10 years in a row had set my expectations high. I had the seafood combo and it was just ok. I have heard I should have tried the soft-shell crab… so maybe I will give it another chance.

La Taqueria – cheap burrito place… have to rate it as one of the best burritos I have had in my life. Not much more to say about that.

Thep Phanom – had to get my Thai food craving taken care of since the better half wasn’t there (she isn’t a fan of peanut sauces or curry… so no Thai for her). This was decent priced place that served up very yummy food. I ordered my favorite Prawnag Curry and although it wasn’t as good as “Bankok in Boca” it was quite yummy. We also had a interesting appetizer that was fried vegetables served in a soda fountain glass half filled with peanut sauce… it was quite good.

Nob Hill Cafe – this was a back-up recommendation for the concierge at the hotel I was staying at (he also recommended Boulevard and Roy’s… so he was pretty good!!… should have tipped him I guess). Anyway, went here with Lee and Andy for dinner. It was small and cute, although I did have to sit on a window ledge that had been converted to a booth. We got there just in time, cause the wait got real long after we got there… we only waited about 5 minutes or so. I had the Vodka Penne pasta and it was yummy… I also got to sample the gnocchi and risotto, both of which were good. We also had desert and maybe it was due to me not eating real deserts in so long, but the had a gelato that was served as a slice of pie, with cheesecake layers on top and bottom of it (serving as a crust and topping)… IT WAS GOOD.

Kokkari – went here with Laura, a friend from college, and one of her friends from town. Very good food. I thought it was a little overpriced but the atmosphere was wonderful. Our server was a bit stressed and it came through in her service, with her rushing us when we were asking questions about the menu. She tried to make up for it buy bringing over free shots of Ouzo (which we enjoyed) but the damage had already been done. I would give it an ‘A’ for authenticity of Greek food… all the waiters and bar staff seemed to be Greek, and the decorum was very nice. All in all didn’t think it was worth the money, but would try it again if I am on expense account.

Cafe DeLucchi – went here on Sunday for brunch with Lee and Andy. We had to wait in a decent line, about 30 minutes. The food was good, typical breakfast food, with an upscale presentation. Nothing really striking about the place, it was good, but nothing spectacular.

Ok… that is about it, maybe I should be a restaurant reviewer. This was kinda fun.


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