Life goes on

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on August 9, 2004

So either in response to the hectic week or just because certain friends bring out the hell raiser in Sherry, we got tore up this weekend. I wanted to mention this for several reasons. The first being that life goes on, and although we have received this horrible news, everyone’s attitudes have been really good, mainly the doctors, but Pearl is in good spirits and everyone knows that life must go on. Secondly I worry about my blog turning into depression daily, and that isn’t my style. Thirdly, I can’t remember the last time I threw-up from drinking only beer.

So, Sherry has two friends, named Sara(h). Yes, they are both named Sara(h) (one with an h, one without), in fact they are both named Sara(h) B. Batkins and Bagley. They are quite humorous human beings, and good times abound when ever we hang out with them. Only problem is they don’t live in town, although they are in town frequent enough for you people to know about them. Anywho, Jason (Sara(h)’s boyfriend… I am not going to specify which just cause I think it is kinda funny) had a birthday that we were celebrating this weekend. So on Saturday night, we went over to Jason’s apartment for a few drinks and to blow off some steam. Apparently we both had a lot of steam to blow off.

The evening started out simple enough, I had brought over my handy dandy Michael Graves poker set, and we played a few hands (not real money… so therefore I kicked ass, cause I suck when real money is involved). After 2 hours of poker, diner was served. Jason is quite the cook, hooking us up with kabobs, steamed shrimp and the neighbors brought out some edamame.

After that, trouble started. We proceeded upstairs for 26 rounds of flip-cup, after which, Sherry decided to “lay down” which produced the typical post drinking experiance for her. A technacolor yawn into the closest flushable peice of furniture. Luckily it was the toilet this time. But don’t worry… the newly trimmed down lightweight (me) was only 45 minutes behind her, with his offerings to the porcelain goddess. So the lightweight married people (yes we were the only married people there) layed down on the bed for the next 2 hours until Sherry was sober enough to drive home, since although I had puked out the alcohol, was still feeling quite ill.

Sara(h) thought it was the non-Atkins approved corn.


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