Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on July 28, 2004

Sherry had a work evaluation today and the boss guessed (correctly) that Sherry’s personality type was INTJ… so that got me thinking, I couldn’t remember what I was, but remember thinking that when I had taken the test back in High School (#1 in the country by the way) that the Myers Briggs psychology test results were very insightful. So I took a quicky test (takes about 3 minutes) and it pegged me as ISTP (which upon seeing the letters together I remembered was correct).

I put some value in knowing what type of personality you have and knowing the personality types of those around you. It is especially useful in stressful situations, like starting a new job or moving or getting married or house projects. So I think everyone should take the test and post some comments to let me know what you guys are. Be interested to find out.

The thing I stumbled on was a chart that maps all these different personality types*. The Enneagram typing had some additional insight for my type (7w8). If you drill down into the Enneagram types you can get to a compatibility matrix to gain some insight on relationships in your life.

*I had to use a google cached page since the site had exceeded it’s bandwidth limit for the day in the middle of my writting of this entry.


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