Minus 1 (or 2) small children

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on July 23, 2004

So it is time for me to post some weight loss pictures. I am kinda scared to show the world my half naked body, but I think it is important for you guys to see how truly overweight I was. My body is by no means ready for Men’s Health, but compared to the before pictures the change is quite drastic. Since January 1st, I have gone from 240 lbs to 183 lbs. My goal is 175ish, and yes, I am under a doctor’s supervision. For me to be considered “ideal” according to the BMI, I need to weigh 179 or less, given that I am 5’11”.

So, without further ado… from fat to skinny (not to be confused with “From Justin to Kelly“)

Fat Ben Front Skinny Ben Front (click for larger pictures)

Fat Ben Side Skinny Ben Side (click for larger pictures)

Although it might not look like it… I am not “pushing out” or “sucking in” in any of these pictures… I was really that fat.

Sidenote… Sherry and I just went to the store and I had noticed that my jeans were getting a little big… so we went to American Eagle and I fit into some 34s! So naturally I had to buy them. I can also fit into all the suits that PaPa gave me, and just had my good suit resized, and I can fit into my father’s tuxedo, which I havn’t been able to fit into since freshman year in college (I wore it to my senior prom).


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