Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on July 21, 2004

So I work at a software company, and I don’t mean to sound like a geek-snob, but if you can’t work the printer, you should be fired on the spot. It is not that complex, people.

My office is right next to the printer so I get to personally check the stupid people and I have no outlet to tell them… you stupid idiot… stop wasting paper and take your time if it is so damn complicated for you. This one dude literally has to print EVERYTHING 3 times before he gets it right, and it is usually around 30 pages a pop. Can’t you read on your screen or email to someone else to read on their screen? You work at a company that protects email systems for goodness sakes. Use the half a brain you have to be more efficient. And stop cussing at the printer when it is only doing what you tell it to do. idiot (that was for the printer).


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