Sheet rock… Glorious sheet rock

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on June 23, 2004

Kent and I hung 12 pieces of sheet rock last night, and will be finishing up with the upstairs bedroom tonight… well finished with screwing up the sheet rock… then comes the tapping, mudding and sanding. For an overview of the process check out Hometime’s How To on the installed drywall (drywall, sheet rock, wallboard… all the same thing). It really isn’t that hard, but it is nice to have an experienced handy man helping me out. He has all the cool tools. For example, we get to use his panel lift versus have to use homemade T-Braces (or even worse balancing them on the tops of our heads).

I have to run the wiring for the new lighting in the den on Friday night and the speaker wire for the in-wall speakers that we are going to install. I also have finish caulking the new windows that were installed last week… they are insulated and caulked from the inside… just hadn’t found time while it is light to get to the outside, and luckily it hasn’t rained yet.

We have decided to have Kent create a built-in for the den with a desk on either side and a entertainment area in the middle. We are going to pimp it out with some back lighting and accent lights for the desks. Kent’s actual title at the Navy base is carpenter so it should be his specialty… will post pictures when it is all done so you guys can see how good he is.


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