Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on June 18, 2004

Last night Kent didn’t show up for an hour and then called to say his daughter’s graduation was last night and they were taking her to dinner…. ummm couldn’t you have know that before an hour after you were to show up?!?

So tonight I decided, I am going to take a break and go to a work party (her work, not mine) so I can at least sample the cheesecake I made (I have made 6 in my relatively short life span,and only tasted 3 of them).

I also had to cancel the Tree removal guy until next Thursday, but oh well.

So Saturday we will be installing the windows. Last night I finished running the wiring in the upstairs bedroom, and hooked must of it up to the outlets and light switches… I really enjoy doing electrical work. After I got tired of doing that I wanted to lift heavy things, so I cleaned out the mess in the Den and carried it all out front to the trash container. VERY Exhausting. But the den is now “preped” for us to dry wall it.

Sherry has purchased the new carpet for the Den and we will be picking it up Sunday (or it will be delivered tonight if Mike Hunter is able to fit it into his trailer).


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