The Painted Lady

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on March 25, 2004

So I basically rock as a husband, and proved it again yesterday with honoring the birth of my wife… I know, how can I be so wonderful, yet modest at the same time?? The world may never know. Anyways, here is how the day went down…

As mentioned earlier we started off the morning with a little breakfast at Sherry’s favorites breakfast spot (Mickey D’s), and then went our separate ways to our jobby jobs.

I got a phone call from Mrs. Birthday Girl (she is married, ya know), at around 11 am to thank me for the flowers and balloon that I had delivered. I am not normally a balloon kinda guy, but they asked me while I was ordering (online of course) if I wanted to include a mylar balloon for a little extra and I thought, hmmm… that might be a little embarrassing for her, which is part of the fun of having stuff delivered. So I got it. They were some tulips that looked something like this, since tulips are her favorite flower:

Nothing else was really planned until our dinner that evening. She did get a cake at work and everyone gave her a card, which was nice.

We went to dinner at 7 pm. As usual I didn’t tell her where we were going, which is just something we like to do. So I drove around until I found the place, which was called The Painted Lady (I picked it based on “The Best of Hampton Roads” list). The food was very good. I had the 8 oz filet and she had the lump crabcakes (which Regina had recommended)… both of which were really, really good. Sherry had a glass of White Zinfandel and I had a glass of Greg Norman’s Cabernet Merlot. I had asked for preferred seating if they had any when I made the reservation, so they put is in the “romantic wine celler” which was pretty cool.

As for a present, she had asked for a keychain, by dropping hints that she liked how she gave Alison and I a Tiffany keychain, but used a free souvenir from the BCC golf tournament for herself. Needless to say, the message was pretty easy to decipher. So I got her a keyring for herself.

We ended the dinner with some coffee (which was also very yummy) and Sherry had to have her favorite dessert… carrot cake. Although I didn’t try any (stupid Atkins restrictions), she said that it too was worth giving praise to. I did try the whip cream and even that was cream cheese flavored which impressed me.


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