General Update

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on January 27, 2004

Work is wonderful. The benefits are great and the stock is going through the roof (most likely due to me joining the company).

The house is coming along nicely. Sherry painted the inside of the closets yesterday on her day off (she has every Monday off), and we painted the remaining vanity area last weekend. Hopefully I will be inspired to finish up the second coat tonight, and we can say phase one of the house projects are done. There isn’t really a phase that we have come up with, but to me we will be completing all of the work that we had said we wanted to get done before we start the secondary projects, like the den and the kitchen.

I think Sherry and I are going to take a trip to Europe for our 2 year anniversary, so we have been looking into flights to either Paris or Italy somewhere. She has never been to Europe so I am quite excited about that trip.


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