First two days

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on December 24, 2003

I have to say that it is amazing what a new correctly run company can do for ones psyche!! When I showed up at work on Monday I had orientation for the first half of the day and then was taken upstairs (3rd floor) to talk with my new boss (Mike). He took me to my……. NEW OFFICE! That’s right folks, for the first time in my career I have a door! I know it is stupid but I feel pretty damn cool walking past a closable opening that has my name on it. But I digress, Mike then took me around and introduced me to lots of people that I will be working with, and then left me alone in my new office to set up my two (one brand new) computers. One for development and one for checking email, research and the such… not quite sure why I need two yet, but I am not complaining. I think it has something to do with extra security, even though I can still get to the internet on both computers?

As you can expect being an anti-virus / security company they are pretty hard corp around the office, I have to whip my badge from my waist about every 100 steps or so to get in and out of the doors that lead to and from the secure and unsecured areas… and there are some areas that I still don’t have access to.

But my wife is dragging me out the door now. We are going to Coleman Nursery to see the holiday lights with Shawn Regina and Baby Jack.


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