Caulk and coffee

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on November 7, 2003

Tonight is going to be our first night to spend the night in the new house. I am taking a break from caulking the ceiling and chair rail before we paint it. Sitting here having some hazelnut flavored coffee and updating my blog, that is what we call a dork’s break.

We are having a painting / work party this weekend. Jennifer, Courtney (the furthest right in this picture), Shelley (in the middle in the last picture) and Mandy (Courtney’s older sister) are all coming over to help. Mitch (and family), and Gary might come help too, they are too friends from work.

Speaking of work, I have still been in talks with Bank of America about going to work with them. They said things have been on hold since they interviewed me and are now looking to fill two positions quickly. Gary started at AMA after I did and submitted his letter of resignation on Monday after only one month of working there. The company just has it’s head too far up it’s a$$ to realize who screwed up they are. Gary will be the 5th or so person to quit from this team in around 6 months time… yet they still are not getting the picture that things are messed up and keep saying that it is “people problems” and that people are lazy and should be happy to have a job. We will see…

Greg’s birthday is on the 10th.

Ok… need to get back to caulking.


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