Pictures are up!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on November 4, 2003

I have posted some pictures of the house on! Check them out. So the reoccurring comment that people seem to be making about our house is that it is “deceptively large.” It doesn’t seem that it could be 2541 square feet when you first drive up to it… but two additions in the rear of the house adds a lot of footage.

I have finished almost all of the tack strip in the master bedroom except for two closets and I hope to tackle it all tomorrow after work. Blisters have popped and I am entering the realm of true manhood if I can get these “computer hands” past this first stage of toughing up.

I want to spend the night here so bad but don’t want to jinx the house by sleeping here without my lovely wife, who (rightfully so) doesn’t want to leave our cat with Pearl.

So off I go, back to Chesapeake for hopefully the last night.


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