Painting and Tack Strips… ugggg

Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on November 2, 2003

Welcome to happy home ownership!!! My back hurts, and I have the constant sweat thing going on. I woke up at 6:15 this morning and started packing and then drove over to the new house to meet the cable guy… so we know have high speed Internet again… plus music (digital cable) to motivate us while we work.

Once I got to the house, I pulled all the carpet out of the garage (that we have pulled up, since we want the hardwood floors that are underneath them). We are moving tomorrow, with the help of Shawn and Franklin (Sherry’s cousin) and Mike (Shelley’s boyfriend’s trailer)… but the house is not really livable in right now so we are shooting to make it so in one week, and have everything else completed by Thanksgiving.

Nest I met my next neighbor who is super nice, and has already let me borrow two of his tools… one of which I used to clean up the trees and bushes that were rubbing our house. He informed me that it had been rented be two other families for the last 3 years (read: neglect) and he is a good friend with the previous owner. Most of the people in our neighborhood are in the Navy.

After I clipped the trees I started taking up the tack strips which SUCKS… especially since I didn’t have the right tool… but when I went to help Shawn put on his toilet flange and place it in the right place, and help lift the HEAVIEST air conditioning window units down three flights of stairs, I was lent my best friend of the day… the “wonder bar”!

So I then came home and primed some more ceilings with Kilz 2 and continued to pry up tack strips and pulling up staples used to secure the old carpet. Then at 6:30 pm we stated painting and that is where we are right now. Top half of living room has been painted and going to go do the bottom half now.

We are going to sand and refinish our hard wood floors… we found a reasonable priced guy and he did Shawn’s floors, and was also the guy that lent me the wonder bar (after I told him I wanted to hire him)… he is going to do it the week before thanksgiving.

That’s all for now… time to paint… did I mention that I have not showered today… YUMMMY!!!


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