Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on March 27, 2003


Sherry and I were talking about the houses that I grew up in. As you may or may not know I have found that my memory of childhood has been hard to recall. Not sure if I have blocked it out or too much drinking in college has killed too many brain cells… but it is a rare treasure when I can remember things.

This morning we were talking about Londonberry Road. Anyone remember the address? Or the other house we use to live in… the one with the jackass next door neighbors and the driveway I use to crash into the garage on my green machine with? I was talking this morning about the boys in the neighborhood that I think were brothers that taught me how to flick the bird and some other skills that were used to get me in lots of trouble when I would go home and show Mom what I learned.

Didn’t they also try to burn down our house once? Any details you guys can share on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Just use the comment link below to add details.


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