Posted in Uncategorized by beebe4 on March 26, 2003

Celebration of days

I went looking for a days alive calculator today… and found an interesting poem I felt like putting up here…

We can count up to ten, we can count to a hundred

and these are two numbers that we understand

And we can take one, multiply by the other,

and in this way get ourselves up to a grand

But much more than that and it starts to lose meaning

the mind just can’t feel the big numbers it knows

I guess it’s just that we get too far away from

our trusty friend old Mister Fingers and Toes

And so we use years when we count up our birthdays

but then there’s the problem of having so few

and really it’s days we have, that’s what we’re spending

and every day we get one brand spanking new

So don’t let too many days spin off uncounted

This year thing is nonsense, a terrible trap

We hope that each one of your days will be happy

except that there’s bound to be some filled with crap

from The Amazing Days Alive Calculator results page.

(I had trouble getting it to work, and had to reload it several times to get the results or to even show up)


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